PowerPuck™ Color Configuration

Click an LED on the PowerPuck™ to select the color you'd like. The spectral chart on the right will update with your selection. Once complete, choose Add to Cart to checkout.

Shipping time: 2-3 weeks

Configured Colors
  1. Deep Red
  2. Cool White
  3. Green
  4. Royal Blue
  5. Royal Blue
Estimated Color Spectrum

This is our best guess at what the spectral output of your configured PowerPuck™ will be.

100 75 50 25 0
400 500 600 700
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While we've tried to ensure a good viewing experience across browsers and devices, some of the technology used is not supported by older browsers. If you're having trouble, try downloading one of these free browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Measurements were taken of each LED using calibrated spectroradiometer and integrating sphere. Color positions are subject to change based on previous orders, if a previous configuration has been purchased with the same colors, the position of those colors may be different from your configuration. This will not affect the color output.

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